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As immigrants ourselves, VSA staff have all experienced this first hand, and understand the difficulties couples face when dealing with the Australian Immigration authorities.

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Employer Sponsored

Working in Australia can be a financially rewarding experience. The workforce is culturally diverse, and the Australian economy attracts multi-national companies.

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General Skilled Migration

Do you have skills that are in short supply in Australia? This migration pathway leads to Australian Permanent Residency and allow you to bring dependent family members.

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If you have managed, your business and investment activities in Australia, this visa will let you live, work and study in Australia and enroll in the Australian public health care scheme.

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When we are separated from our family by great distance, it can be draining and lonely for the ones left behind.

Partner VISA

Are you in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen?

Parent and Child VISA

This visa facilitates the reunion of Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents and eligible New Zealand citizens.

Visitor VISA

This visa is for persons travelling to Australia for holiday, social, business or recreational reasons, and for visiting friends and family.

Retirement Visa

This visa is when you stop living at work and start working at living the Australian lifestyle.

Other Family VISAs

There are visas for bringing Parents, Aged Dependents, Remaining Relatives, Carers into Australia.

Subclass 457

This is a popular work visa, which allows the holder to work for a specific employer, in Australia, for up to four years. 

Employer Nominated Scheme

This visa leads to permanent residency, through the sponsorship of an eligible employer.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

This visa leads to permanent residency, through the sponsorship of an eligible employer, in regional Australia.

Subclass 189

This is a permanent residency visa for highly skilled individuals looking to relocate to Australia. 

Subclass 190

This is another permanent residency visa for highly skilled individuals looking to relocate to Australia. 

Graduate VISA

This visa allows international students to work and live in Australia temporarily after they complete a course of study.

Investor VISA

This visa offer an opportunity for individuals with great business ideas to enter Australia.

Business Owner VISA

It takes more than a flourishing business to count towards a successful visa application. Allow us to provide you the right advice.

Student VISA

This visa allow individuals to study, live and gain some work experience in Australia.

Resident Return VISA

The Australian Permanent Resident visa need to be renewed every five years. The method of renewal has changed drastically over the years.

Australian Citizenship

Embrace all there is about being Australian.

Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)

Compliance and Cessations

Business Short Stay

Offshore Operations


“Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future, ruin the happiness of your present.”

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