Business Short Stay

This visa is for people who need to be in Australia for short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work.

About this visa:

There are instances where professionals need to enter Australia to do short-term, highly specialised work. Or perhaps they need to participate in an event, or have been invited by an Australian organisation. The work cannot be on going. Below are frequently asked questions for this type of visa.

Q. How long does this visa last?

In most instances, Immigration will issue a visa that allows the person to stay in Australia for up to three months. There are opportunities to request for longer visa validity of up to 6 months, depending on the nature of the work or activity.

Q. Can I add my family to this application?

Yes, family members can be added to this type of application.

Q. What if I need to make multiple travels in and out of Australia?

In most instances, the Business Visitor visa supports only one entry into Australia. If you are required to make multiple visits to Australia, in order to carry out the specialised activity, it is important that you inform us of this, so we can put in a special request to Immigration, at the time of lodgement. 

If you have been granted a visa that does not support multiple travel in and out of Australia, then you will need to apply for a new visa after you leave Australia, and before you re-enter Australia.

Q. Can I apply for this visa if I am in Australia?

No. This visa requires the applicant to be outside of Australia at time of application. The applicant must also be outside of Australia when the visa is decided.

Q. How long does this visa take to process?

In most cases, these applications take approximately 4 months to be finalised. It is important to take this time into consideration, if you are required to be in Australia within a specific period of time. 

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