Subclass 457  Visa

This is a temporary resident visa, allowing you to work and live in Australia for up to 4 years.

Some of your Questions:

The Subclass 457 visa is a temporary work visa, driven by employer demand. It allows the visa holder to remain in Australia for a period of up to 4 years, engage in full time work, and they can also bring dependent family members.

Each year, thousands of working adults aspire to work in Australia. The economy is vibrant, there are strong work place laws in place and the average national income is among the highest in the world.

Q.  Do I need a company to sponsor my work visa?

Yes, a business must act as a sponsor for your 457 visa. The business must be an approved sponsor or have lodged a sponsorship application. The business must also demonstrate that it has a genuine need for your position.

Q. What is required from my employer?

The company which will be sponsoring you, will need to be an approved sponsor and it will also need to nominate your position with the Department of Immigration.

Q. What tests will I have to satisfy when applying for a 457 visa?

Depending on your occupation and the salary being offered by the sponsoring employee, you may need to satisfy English language testing and a skills assessment. The salary being offered for your position must also meet labour market testing requirements. That means that the sponsoring employer cannot offer you a lower salary that is lower than an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 

Q. Is the 457 Visa open to people from any occupation?

Unfortunately no, the occupation must relate to an occupation that is listed on a specific list. This list of occupation is provided by Immigration, and it takes into consideration the supply and demand for skilled workers for the current economic climate.

This implies that more employers will sponsor more overseas workers, when there is a period of high economic growth and low unemployment in Australia.

When you speak with Visa Solutions, we will help to determine if your skills and qualifications matches with an occupation that is eligible for a 457 visa. We will also speak with your employer or potential employer, so that they are aware of their commitments as a sponsor. 

Q. Can Visa Solutions find me a company that will sponsor my 457 visa?

If you have the skills and qualifications for an occupation that is eligible for a 457 visa, we can put you in contact with one of our network companies, which specialise in recruitment. They may be able to connect you with a potential employer who is looking for highly skilled individuals like yourselves.

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