From July 1, 2018, which visa fees will increase?

Wednesday, 27/06/2018, 08:55 GMT+7

Quickly apply for a visa before the fee starts increasing from July 1, 2018.

In May's budget, Treasury Secretary Scott Morrison also announced that it would annually adjust visa fees to match the consumer price index.

The government hopes to raise the budget by $ 410 million over the four years from now to 2021.

The increase in visa fees only applies to the first fee payment for both the principal applicant and dependents. The charge increase does not apply to the second payment.

Some types of fees will increase, such as the student visa fee increasing by $ 15 from $ 560 to $ 575, the parent guarantee visa increasing by $ 90 from $ 3,945 to $ 4,035.

The application fee for independent work visas, regional guarantees and workers' work visas will also increase, the application fee for all types of visas will increase by $ 75.

Spousal sponsorship visas are the fastest growing, $ 160, from $ 7,000 to $ 7,160. And as of July last year, this visa fee has increased a total of $ 235.

The largest increase was the investment visa fee of 188, which increased by $ 190, from $ 8,580 to $ 8,770.


Source: SBS Vietnamese