Common reasons that makes a visa application are denied

Friday, 04/05/2018, 11:38 GMT+7

Common reasons that makes a visa application are denied

To fully prepare a visa application, you will not only spend a lot of time, effort, but also money. However, when submitted, the application is rejected for many reasons that you did not anticipate. The following are the most common reasons you should consult to better prepare your application before submitting to the Department of the Interior (the new name of the Department of Immigration Australia).

TOP 5 common reasons for all types of Visa

  • Declaring incorrect information. Your statement in the record is either incorrect or untrue, or the information does not match the testimony from previous Visa applications.
  • Lack of evidence and conflicting information disclosure
  • Health requirements. When the applicant or dependents do not meet the health requirements from the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Personal issues, criminal records.
  • Fake documents. This problem occurs a lot in Visa applications, and most are detected.

Tourist Visa

  • Incorrect statement, deviate from reality.

When applying for a Tourist Visa, the applicant must state that the purpose of travel is to travel, and after the trip will return to the country. This requires the applicant to have specific reasons such as having a family in the homeland, having a job or a company that needs to continue operating, etc.

For example: A case of a tourist visa application is denied because the intermediary declared in the file is an applicant who has a job and is working. But the reality is that the applicant is retired.


Note: When the application is denied, there is 4020, the visa applicant will not be able to submit any other type of Visa within 3 years.

  • Applicants do not declare in the case that they have been denied Visa before. This is a fairly common reason when a Tourist Visa is denied.

You must ensure that the testimony is consistent with the facts. Previously, you have been denied a visa application, at what time and for what reason, you need to specify, because the Ministry of Home Affairs always retains the names of the people who have applied for Visa and can check at any time.


  • Financial problems are also a common reason for a tourist visa application being denied. If, in the Bank's confirmation, a large amount of money has just been deposited, the Ministry of the Interior has the right to question and deny the file.

The savings must come from a long-term accumulation, or in case the applicant cannot afford it, he or she may be afraid of support from family members (parents, children, etc.) and claim in the pool. Profile is a financial support relatives.


Visa for spouses

  • There is a lack of evidence of spousal or fiancée.
  • Incorrect filing, or forged information.
  • You must provide as much evidence as possible that you live in the same house, sharing financial matters and housework.

For example, provide all the papers and letters containing the spouse's name and address on the letter, proving that they both live at the same address; testimony of more than 2 witnesses; photos of two people in outside social activities (going out, meeting with family, friends, etc.).

There must be a full written statement of the relationship of the two from the beginning to the present, and also future commitments.

Relationships must be socially recognized: marriage certificate, relationship certificate if unmarried, tax return including the spouse's tax return, application for assistance from Centrelink (if applicable), etc.

Skilled Labor Visa, including visa 489, 189 and 190

  • There is no Skill Assessment. If the date of submission of the skills appraisal is after the submission date, the application will certainly be denied.
  • There is no minimum IELTS 6.0 in all bands, or equivalent PTE degree.
  • There is no “Employment Reference,” which includes work certificates issued by all applicants who have worked in the past.
  • In particular, the testimony about the job content, position, role, responsibilities of the applicant in the company must be accurately stated, and related to the job that the applicant will apply in Skill Visa.

Graduation visa 485

  • Do not apply for a criminal record (Australian Federal Police Check) before filing.
  • Do not renew or buy new insurance before you apply.

Must study in Australia for at least 2 years. Applying for a vocational qualification for a student visa was issued before November 5, 2011.

Student visas issued after this date do not need to apply for a Professional Appraisal, but must be from a university or higher.


Guaranteed Employer Visa, including 457, 186, and 187


  • Failure to prove that the applicant position is necessary for the company. In addition, the applicant must undergo training of the company and explain why the position is necessary and suitable for the company's activities.



  • At the moment Student visas are very easily denied because of the reason the applicant declared.

For example: An applicant who declares on purpose of studying abroad and wishes to stay in Australia to work and apply for permanent residence, the application will be immediately rejected because this is considered not for the purpose of studying abroad.


  • There is no clear study plan.


Before applying, the applicant has repeatedly skipped school, changed majors many times and still has no specific plan for his study, then when applying, the high probability will be rejected.


Even if the applicant has already applied for a student visa in Australia, but transferred continuously and moved to another level (from Bachelor to Diploma), when the applicant reapply to another Visa, the Ministry of Home Affairs reserves the right to refuse applications.


Visa sponsoring parents or dependents over 18 years old



  • Health reasons are not satisfactory. Parents or dependents suffering from illnesses on the Ministry of Internal Affairs list do not agree to a Visa.


The Ministry of the Interior does not currently consider whether or not the family will pay for the treatment by itself, as long as the visa applicant suffers from the list, they have the right to refuse the application.


  • Dependents over 18 and under 23 must prove dependence on the guarantor is genuine.

Dependents must go to school full-time, depend on sponsor financially, food, clothing, accommodation.

In some cases, the application was submitted by five dependents at the age of 20, but it took three years for the application to be reviewed, then the dependent was 23 years old, and the application was completely rejected.


  • Children over 18 must continue with the full-time study process until the application is completed. There are no periods of absence from school and just staying home or working.



Child sponsorship visa



Children under 18 years old are counted as wholly dependent.



Children over 18 must continue with the full-time study process until the application is completed. There are no periods of absence from school and just staying home or working.



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