3 reasons why an Australian tourist visa application is denied

Tuesday, 24/04/2018, 07:54 GMT+7

3 reasons why an Australian tourist visa application is denied

“The number of tourists visiting Australia and fleeing illegal settlements tends to increase, so the Australian tourist visa application review agency tends to process it more and more closely and strictly. ”

Many people are now eager to apply for an Australian tourist visa to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful, peaceful country. However, nowadays, because the number of tourists coming to Australia on tourist visas and fleeing to settle illegally is on the rise, the Migration Department - the Australian visa application agency tends to review the application. Profile increasingly thorough and rigorous.

Here are some reasons why an Australian tourist visa application is denied:

  1. The purpose of the trip is not clear

When considering an Australian tourist visa application, the most worrying thing for visa applicants is whether the applicant will actually go to Australia for a visit, or for a different purpose such as working illegally or finding a fiancé to apply for Australian citizenship, etc. So it will not be difficult to understand if your application for a visa to Australia is denied in case you do not prove yourself clearly the purpose of your trip.

  1. Financial proof is not strong enough

The second issue that the Australian Visa Application Authority is concerned about when issuing a tourist visa is related to the applicant's financial capacity. So, in order to improve your ability to apply for a successful visa, what you need to prove is that you can afford living expenses while you're in Australia. And the minimum amount currently required by the Australian side is 12,000 Australian dollars.

However, you should note that this amount should be in your bank account for as long as possible, not near the time of visa application to deal. The Australian Immigration Department also often rejects the visa application because the money has only been deposited in the bank account for a short time, they may reason to suspect that the conduct is dishonest, only to bypass the work. records review. At the same time, the opening of accounts for a long time also explains the stable source of income.

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In addition, if you have other documents such as a red book, real estate or car registration certificate, copy and attach it to your application to strengthen your financial capacity. Certainly then, the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa to Australia is even higher.

  1. Constraints in the host country

In addition to the goal of going to Australia properly and financially strong, there is another factor that affects your ability to get a visa, that is whether you return to the country after the time allowed? This is often evidenced by binding reasons for the applicant to return as a stable job in Vietnam and to have a stable family in Vietnam such as spouses and children. The factors mentioned above will cause tourists to return to the country before the visa expires.

So, a complete set of records to apply for visa to Australia to travel includes what documents?

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Visa application to Australia for tourism

Based on the factors that affect your ability to apply for an Australian tourist visa, there are four types of documents you should prepare carefully to ensure a successful visa:

  1. Profile of relative:
  1. Original passport (valid for 6 months);
  2. Certified accurate passport page and all pages with customs stamp or visa entry / exit label;
  3. 1 photo 4 * 6cm;
  4. Certified accurate ID Card
  5. Certified accurate Family Register
  6. Copy of Birth Certificate (for children under 14 years of age);
  7. Copy of marriage registration (if traveling with a spouse);
  8. Information on making visa application form (curriculum vitae);
  1.   Job profiles:

If you are an employee:

  1. Labor contract / Decision to recruit / appoint;
  2. Payroll last 3 months;
  3. Application for leave;

If the business owner:

  1. Certified accurate business registration;
  2. The original certificate of tax payment for the 3 latest months of the company;
  3. Certificate of account balance of the company;


If the student:


  1. Photo of Student / Student ID Card or School Original Certificate
  2. Application for leave;


If you are a retired person:


  1. Certified accurate Pension book


  1. Financial records:


  1. Bank account statement for the last 3 months;
  2. Certified accurate Land Ownership Certification, Real estate trading papers, Vehicle registration certificate, or stocks, shares (if any);
  3. Copy of passbook + certificate of account balance of savings book (if any);


  1. Trip Papers:
  1. Booking air tickets;
  2. Hotel booking;
  3. The trip's schedule;
  4. Trip insurance;


The principle or secret to successfully obtaining a tourist visa for Australia or other developed countries is that you must prove that you are only there for travel and discovery purposes.