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New Student Visa Regulations

DIBP have recently announced that a new student visa framework will come into effect on 1 July 2016.  
From that date onwards, there will be only two types of Australian student visa - the subclass 500 (Student) visa, and the subclass 590 (Student Guardian) visa.  
The new framework will streamline application and processing requirements for student visa applicants, with common criteria and genuineness of application for entry and stay as a student, and simplify a range of requirements including enrolment, financial and other issues.  
The new rules are being introduced to strengthen the integrity of the Student Visa programme, by providing a larger range of factors for decision makers to assess genuineness and the need for individuals to provide evidence of financial and English proficiency. 

Student Visas – Do you qualify?

If you decide to study in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a Student Visa. 

Australia is known as the lucky country, and our famous Aussie lifestyle could be yours, if you decide to study here. Choosing to study here at our world class educational facilities will be a good decision for future employment prospects, offering you the contacts you need to progress your career in your chosen field.

Australia Universities are  world class educational system that will change your life forever. Anyone enrolling as an international student in Australia in a course lasting four months or more, will need to get an Australian Student Visa.

When granted, a student visa holder can arrive in Australia up to 90 days before their course begins, and remain in Australia for the duration of the course. Most Student Visas will also allow you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight in order to sustain yourself.

You will need to provide relevant documentation to prove that you have relevant English language skills, sufficient funds to support yourself, and that you will be a genuine student in Australia.  You will also need to pay international college fees, and may only have limited work rights whilst you are studying.

You also need to have been offered a place or already be enrolled in a registered course with an Australian education provider. Education providers have enrollment departments that can help you with the requirements of each course such as the required level of English proficiency, recognition of your prior learning, and the duration and cost of courses.  

As soon as you have identified a course which you are interested in, and also have an idea of where you want to study, speak to our team, and we can assist you in putting together the enrollment and student visa application.

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