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Australian Citizenship – Do you qualify?

There are many reasons why people decide to become an Australian citizen. It is a big decision, probably the biggest decision you will ever make. Australia is a democratic, developed and peaceful country, and becoming an Australian citizen is the final step on your migration journey.

Every year thousands of migrants become Australian citizens, and as citizens they have all the same rights and freedoms as any other Australian. They can vote, and buy a home, educate their children, live in peace and work towards a common future.

Australian citizenship is more than a formal status. It is a common bond that represents common values and a sense of commitment to living together as a democracy, the foundation we build our lives upon.

When you decide to become an Australian citizen you are making a lifelong commitment to Australia, its security, its community and its economy. It also means you are no longer a guest in this country, and as such no longer need to apply for residency visas to remain living here.

Q. How can I become an Australian Citizen?

To become an Australian Citizen you must have lived in Australia for the last four years, including the last 12 months as a permanent resident.

To be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship, you must pass an Australian citizenship test which can be taken both online and at offline venues around the country.

The pass mark is now 75%. The test is made up of 20 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 45 minutes. You need to answer correctly 15 questions out of 20 to pass the test, each question is equally weighted, and is designed to encourage people to know more about their new country, their responsibilities and privileges of being Australia.

The resource book “Australian citizenship: Our Common Bond” covers a wide variety of facts about Australia and Australian citizenship and is very helpful in Australian Citizenship preparation. And you can attempt the test multiple times under the same application fee.

Q. How can I celebrate my Australian Citizenship?

Australia celebrates citizenship a number of different ways with a variety of citizenship and affirmation ceremonies held as part of a number of special days and events. These include Australia Day, Australian Citizenship Day, Constitution Day, Australia’s Local Hero Award as well as other celebrations like Refugee Week, Australian citizenship anniversaries, Citizenship Place and the Australian Citizenship quilt project.

Q. What does becoming an Australian Citizen really mean?

Within the citizenship ceremony you will pledge that you respect the rights and liberties of the people of Australia, our belief in parliamentary democracy, rule of law, living peacefully together, respectful of all individuals regardless of background, and compassion for those in need.

You will pledge that you respect our freedom of speech and expression, freedom of association and religion and secular government.

You will also agree to respect our values of equality in Australia, in the equality of men and women, and the equality of opportunity for every Australian regardless of sex, race, ability, background or creed.

Q.Why should I become an Australian Citizen?

As a permanent resident of Australia you had the privilege to live and work as a part of a free and democratic society. As an Australian citizen your role will change to encompass the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. You will have a say in governance, to participate in the future direction and creed of the country, and to grow and thrive as a valued member of the Australian community and economy.

With Australian Citizenship comes great responsibility. You must obey the law, defend Australia should the need arise, serve on a jury of your peers if called to do so, and vote in federal, state and territory elections and in referendum.

As an Australian Citizen you have the right to vote in all elections and referendums, to apply for work in the Australian Public Service or Australian Defense Force, seek election in parliament, apply for an Australian passport, to re-enter Australia freely, to receive assistance from an Australian official while overseas, and to register your children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent.

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