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Some of your Questions:

Travelling to holiday or short stay in Australia is a dream for many people around the globe. There is such a broad range of climates, activities, and cultures throughout Australia, people generally travel to Australia many times in their lives, to take in as much of the Australian beauty as they can.

Whether you are passing through or staying for a while, when you come to Australia, you must have a valid Australian Visitor Visa before you can enter Australia.

The Australian Government provide short-term visas to people wanting to travel to Australia on a holiday, to visit friends and family, receive medical treatment or on business.
Although Australian Immigration services welcome tourists to our shores, there are important things you should know before applying for your Australian Visitor Visa.

Unless you are an Australian permanent resident or citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia. New Zealand passport holders can apply for their visa upon arrival in the country, but all other passport holders must apply for their Australian Visitor Visa before they leave home.

Q.  What is a Tourist Visa?

If you are planning on visiting Australia for a holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives and friends, or for a short-term non-working stay, you will need to apply for an Australian Visitor Visa. There are a number of visas available for tourists wishing to visit Australia. Check your eligibility for this visa on the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Sometimes deciding which Australian Tourist Visa applies best to your particular situation can be difficult. Here are some of the more popular tourist visas that are available.

This temporary visa allows people to stay in Australia for up to three, six or twelve months. Applicants can apply from both inside and outside of Australia, with some tourists eligible to lodge their application online.

Q.  What is an eVisitor Visa?

This is an electronically stored authority for passport holders from the European Union and a number of other European countries who plan to visit Australia as a tourist or for business purposes for up to three months.

Q. What is a Working Holiday Visa?

Some countries have a close relationship with Australia, and take part in programs that encourage cultural exchange by allowing young people to have an extended holiday supplemented by short-term employment.

This visa is available to people from Belgium, Canada, Republic or Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Q.  What is an ETA Visitor?

This visa is an electronically stored authority for short-term visits to Australia up to three months. You must make application for this visa before you leave home, and is available to a number of countries and regions outside of Australia.

Q.  What is a Sponsored Family Visitor Visa?

This visa is designed for people seeking to visit family that reside within Australia, and allows them to stay up to 12 months, provided they are formally sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Family members that are non-Australian citizens are transiting through Australia without a Sponsored Family Visa, may need to apply for a Transit visa.

Q. What is a Work and Holiday Visa?

Visa applicants from Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, USA and most recently Singapore.

For more information on the Working Holiday and Work and Holiday programs, and on working in Australia, please go to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship and download a fact sheet.

Q. Can I extend my stay in Australia?

If you are already in Australia, and hold a valid ETA Visitor, eVisitor, Tourist Visa granted for a stay of up to 3 months or less, you may extend your stay. 

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