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Falling in love is a beautiful thing. However, many couples blessed in this way, are separated by more than just an ocean of water. The partner visa category is one of the most common pathways to migration to Australia as it provides genuine couples with a viable option to setting in Australia, often leading eventually to permanent residency in Australia.

Sponsoring your partner or being sponsored by your partner to Australia can be a difficult undertaking, consuming much of your time, energy and life. 

As immigrants ourselves, VSV staff have all experienced this first hand, and understand the difficulties couples face when dealing with the Australian immigration authorities.

We recognize that every story is personal, and each situation unique. And it is the decisions you make early in the piece that can affect the outcomes of your Australian Partner Visa application.

We have learnt, through the many cases we have managed, that reconnecting with your loved one on Australian soil is an emotional rollercoaster and rarely as straightforward as others would believe.

We work with you to build a strong case, helping you to provide sufficient evidence of your ongoing genuine love for one another, ensuring you will meet the cohabitation criteria easily

Q.  Who can apply for an Australian Partner Visa?

People who have an Australian citizen or permanent resident as a partner may be eligible to move to Australia with a Partner Visa.

We support all forms of cohabitational relationships – married and defacto -  in accordance with Australian legislation. Once you meet the initial two year period, the applicant can be granted a permanent visa if you are able to provide evidence of your ongoing commitment to one another.

Whether your relationship is an opposite sex marriage, de facto or same-sex relationship, you will need to provide supporting evidence that proves you meet the eligibility criteria.

Q.  What if my partner is outside of Australia?

The Offshore Partner visa is for couples located outside of Australia at the time their visa application is lodged. It is a two part application process towards permanent residency. A provisional visa may be granted first, and you may be invited to apply for a permanent visa two years after initial lodgement, proven your application meets the criteria. 

This visa category would suit married or de facto partners of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen - of either same or opposite sex relationships – allowing them to travel to and enter Australia on a permanent basis, work or study in Australia, enroll in medical benefits expenses and hospital care schemes, apply for social security payments, and eventually apply to become a permanent citizen of Australia. 

Q. Am I an eligible sponsor?

Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens may be granted a visa to enter Australia and remain permanently under the partner category. Australian immigration services recognize partners of all categories – married, or fiancé, de factor, and same sex are all welcome to make application for migration of a loved one.

Q.  What if my partner is already in Australia?

The Onshore Temporary partner visa allows you both to stay in Australia while awaiting a final decision about your residency status. You are able to work and study in Australia (without government funding), and enroll in commonwealth services such as Medicare – Australia’s health care scheme. You may be able to travel in and out of Australia while awaiting the decision.

The Onshore Permanent Partner visa allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely, work and study in Australia, receive social security payments and once eligible, apply for Australian citizenship. You may also sponsor other relatives for permanent residency. You can also travel freely to and from Australia for five years from your visa grant date. After that you will need to arrange a resident return visa or similar to return to Australia.

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